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Top 8 Best Tuner Cars Under 10K

Welcome to Best Car Guy. In this blog, we have listed Best Tuner Cars Under 10K . Whether you need to carve some canyons, hit up a track day, learn to drift, or just have fun on a daily basis, you're going to need to pick a weapon of choice. This week I'm covering the best project cars you can buy, maintain, and customize for under $10,000. With 10k in the bank, you can buy any of these cars at any commitment level. You can start cheap and customize, or you can find one in great shape that's ready to rip. So, Here is the list - Audi S4 B5 You can find an Audi S4 B5 from anywhere between 4500 to 6500 bucks which gives you some room for repairs and some simple modifications like suspension, wheels, brakes, tires. The keyword here, repairs. Because the bi-turbo V6 is pretty complex, and replacing the timing belt every 80k can get pretty hairy. However, if you're up for the challenge you can tune this motor to do some really incredible things. And you'll have

Top 10 Most Dangerous Cars

Welcome to Best Car Guy. In this blog, we have listed Top 10 Most Dangerous Cars . So, today we’re going to be diving into a list containing the top 10 cars on the current auto market, that would statistically speaking, be more likely to kill you rather than get you to point B. The list was compiled based on data analysis done by, looking at all models from 2013 - 2017, and calculating the average amount of fatalities reported for every billion vehicle miles. Some of the results may surprise you, others will probably be completely expected, but at any rate, you may want to give this article a close watch if safety is a concern for you. Chevy Camaro &  Dodge Challenger So right off the bat I’m going to be starting this list off with a lie, since I’m lumping in 2 cars for the number 10 slot, and the title clearly said 10 cars, not 11. The Chevy Camaro and the Dodge Challenger. The Camaro has a 5.5 cars per billion vehicle miles fatality rate and the Challenger

6 Forgotten Concept Cars

Welcome to Best Car Guy. In this blog, we have listed 6 Forgotten Concept Car . All of them are Old Concept Cars that never made it into production.  Year after year auto manufacturers teases us all by creating amazing concepts that display some of the most advanced technology and design features that exist at the time. Sadly most of them never make it into production become forgotten. Today I'll be sharing with you 6 amazing concept cars that we wish made it into production. Devel Sixteen The first car on the list is the Devel Sixteen. I’m almost positive most of you have heard about this one, as it’s received probably the most amount of controversy out of any concept car that’s ever existed. Its insane design style that resembles a jet fighter with exhaust outlets that look like turbine engines, this car looks like a came right out of a comic book. But see it’s not the looks that have been causing lots of chatter within the automotive industry but more so the perf

Top 5 Cheap Luxury Sedans

Welcome to Best Car Guy. In this blog, we have listed Top 5 Cheap Luxury Sedans . In this list, you will find  cheap luxury cars that look expensive.   So there are many cars out there that continuously fool people into thinking they are very expensive to buy. But the truth is, a lot of those cars are actually pretty affordable, as in like cheap. Today I'll show you 5 perfect examples. Mercedes CLA 250 The first car on the list is the Mercedes CLA250. To most people, a Mercedes is a Mercedes, which is why many may classify the CLA 250 as an expensive car to buy. Well, this specific model, that's not quite the case, consider it an entry-level Mercedes. This car’s sole purpose was to target younger buyers while having a low enough price point to compete with low-class cars from other manufacturers. Actually, it was a pretty smart idea. Get you into their ecosystem at a lower than usual price point and next thing you know it, you’ve upgraded into an actual C class. Of c

Top 5 Underrated Sports Cars

Welcome to Best Car Guy. In this blog, we have listed the T op 5 Underrated Sports Cars.  There are many cars out that are always talked about and admired by lots of people such as the Ford Mustang, BMW 3 Series, Toyota Camry, Honda civic, but then their cars that just don't get the love they truly deserve. So, Today we're gonna talk about 5 underrated and underappreciated cars that really don't deserve to be overlooked. Mazda 6 Mazda 6 is the first car on the list of underrated sports cars . I’m sure this is a car everyone can agree is very underrated, heck Mazda, in general, has always kind of fell in the shadowy parts of the automotive industry. It’s not until recently where they’ve been getting some recognition, well mainly with their SUVs like the CX-5 and CX-9. The Mazda 6 on the other hand constantly gets overlooked, and honestly, it doesn't deserve to be. The exterior design in my opinion outshines its competitors the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord, at

Top 5 Cheap Luxury SUVs

Welcome to Best Car Guy. In this blog, we have listed Top 5 Cheap Luxury SUVs . These SUVs will  Fool People Into Thinking They're Expensive.  We  have include fairly modern vehicles, none older than 2015. I hope you guys enjoy this one. Here is the list - Range Rover Evoque Pure First Suv on the list is the Range Rover Evoque Pure. The words Range Rover normally speak expensive, upper class, Rapper, NBA player...You know something along those lines. This is why the Evoque Pure has an easy time fooling people into thinking that it’s more expensive than what it really is. You see, Land Rover sells a few variations of the Range Rover, the Evoque Pure being the least expensive one out of the bunch followed by the Velar, Sport and lastly, the one most of us are all familiar with, the Range Rover. The Evoque Pure has a much different purpose as you normally would imagine coming from a Range Rover. The ride is stiff, the interior materials are ahh, and the cargo space is on pa

Top 5 Cheap Sporty Sedans Under 5K For Students

Welcome to Best Car Guy. In this blog, we have listed Top  5 Cheap Sporty Sedans. All these cars are under 5K.  You see I've always been more of a coupe type of guy and no I'm not talking about these 4 door coupe sedans we have in the modern era but more so 2 door cars. That said I can see why sporty sedans are very popular. They can be just as fun to drive, they are more practical and sometimes even perform just as well as other 2 door sports cars. Today I'll show you 5 affordable sporty sedans you can buy if you're on a tight budget.   Subaru Impreza WRX The first car on the list is the Subaru Impreza WRX. I’m sure this car won’t come as a surprise as it’s one of the sportiest sedans you can buy, and given how much more affordable they are now, they make a great choice for pretty much any demographic. The full-time AWD system makes them suitable for snowy, and rainy situations, the way it handles around corners make it a perfect candidate to go for a spirit