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6 Forgotten Concept Cars

6 Forgotten Concept Cars

Welcome to Best Car Guy. In this blog, we have listed 6 Forgotten Concept Car. All of them are Old Concept Cars that never made it into production. Year after year auto manufacturers teases us all by creating amazing concepts that display some of the most advanced technology and design features that exist at the time. Sadly most of them never make it into production become forgotten. Today I'll be sharing with you 6 amazing concept cars that we wish made it into production.

Devel Sixteen

The first car on the list is the Devel Sixteen. I’m almost positive most of you have heard about this one, as it’s received probably the most amount of controversy out of any concept car that’s ever existed. Its insane design style that resembles a jet fighter with exhaust outlets that look like turbine engines, this car looks like a came right out of a comic book. But see it’s not the looks that have been causing lots of chatter within the automotive industry but more so the performance Devel claims this hypercar can do. Essentially there are 2 road legal versions that would be become available and one that would only be suitable for the drag strip. The two road-legal ones include a single V8 engine one producing 2,000 HP, and a dualV8 version producing 3,000HP. If that didn’t sound crazy enough that a new company with 0 track record in producing a car that doubles the power output of the Bugatti Chiron, well wait till you hear about the performance that is pumped out of the third variation, supposedly. It comes equipped with a quad-turbocharged 12.3 liter V16 that produces 3757lb-ft of torque and listen to this, 5007HP!! Now that’s comical. Devel says that the 5,000HP version can achieve 0-60 in 1.8 seconds and would be able to reach a 347MPH top speed. Sure going over 300MPH sounded pretty sweet when they first mentioned they wanted the Devel Sixteen to be the first production car to achieve this amazing milestone. But you see there is one little tiny issue for Devel, Bugatti passed 300MPH just the other day,304.77MPH to be exact. Well, technically the Bugatti Chiron used was reported to be the upcoming Supersport, one that is not a production car yet, keyword yet. So there goes that golden opportunity, one that had spectators excited for the DEVEL Sixteen. Either way there is little to no chance the Devel Sixteen will actually reach production, Their entire Hypercar idea seems far-fetched, the production date keeps getting delayed and there are reports that the company is experiencing difficulties with two very important aspects of the car. First being cooling, which is an obvious one for such a powerful car, the company is having a hard time keeping the engine temperature down not during high-speed runs but during regular cruising speeds. And 2 they have been unable to keep the Sixteen on the floor during high speed runs, which is not something investors want to hear. What do you guys think, does the Devel Sixteen make it into production?

BMW M1 Hommage

2nd concept car on the list is the BMW M1 Hommage. Based on BMW’s one and only supercar the M1 and of course the BMW Turbo concept that came before that. This is definitely one of my personal favorite concepts of all time as it has a design that allows us to look into the past and the future at the same time. First displayed in 2008 as a celebration to the legendary M1’s 30th birthday, It is a car many really wished had made production. In a way, it did but didn’t. Lots of its design cues were used on the 2009 Vision efficient Dynamics concept which ultimately leads BMW to the i8. If you look at the BMW M1 Hommage and the i8 you can definitely see numerous resemblances. Its narrow front end, aggressive lines, and rear taillights. Heck, it even sorts of looks like BMW’s latest project the Vision M. That said, the i8 is not exactly what most of us wanted but more so an actual BMW supercar. Sadly BMW has made clear in the past that it has no interest in making a limited supercar as they really want to cater to the masses and reach as many people as possible. It sucks because I’ve always told myself if I were to ever have an opportunity to own a supercar in the future I would love it to be a BMW. I mean Audi made it happen with the R8 and Mercedes with the AMG GTR and those being BMW’s closest competitors you would think BMW would fire back. Well, maybe in the future, you never know. Anyways going back to the M1 Hommage it is truly a special car one that looks stunning on photos and if you ever want to see one in person, I believe the only one available is displayed at the BMW Museum in Munich.

Chrysler ME Four Twelve

3rd car is the Chrysler ME Four Twelve. Out of all the concepts featured on the list this one actually ended up being more than just a concept, a prototype was built and was well on its way to become a full production car but the final approval sadly never came. Reported reasons suggest that the ME Four Twelve was just too expensive to develop especially during the time when Chrysler had it’s hand filled trying to rebuild its brand. And before I get into the second reason know that at the time Chrysler was merged with Mercedes as Daimler Chrysler, which lead to cars like the Chrysler Crossfire and this one. That said, the second reported reason the ME Four Twelve did not enter production was because it was faster than Mercedes SLR McLaren, which was a big no for Mercedes image at the time. The power plant the ME Four Twelve carried was an AMG that apparently was made for Chrysler, a quad-turbocharged V12 engine that produces 850HP and 850lb-ft. As massive as this engine is, Thermal performance was excellent under extreme conditions, the car also featured a 7-speed dual wet-clutch transmission, And since the overall curb weight of the car was only around 2800lb-ft thanks to its carbon fiber and aluminum structure, performance numbers were insane. 0-60 in just 2.9 seconds,0-100 in 6.2 seconds, and a ¼ mile run in just 10.6 seconds. Not only are those numbers insane based on today’s standard, but this was also back in 2004! An interesting fact about its weight and power. It had a better power to weight ratio than the Bugatti Veyron, MclarenF1, and Ferrari Enzo at 3.4lbs per Horsepower! 15 years later and the ME Four Twelve has the modern looks and performance to compete with today’s exotic cars.

Saab Aero X

4th concept car on the list is the Saab Aero X. R.I.P Saab. First unveiled in February of 2006 this car was quite the innovation, well for a concept at least. The Swedish jet aircraft heritage being the theme of the Aero X, Everything about it wasn’t very practical. No doors and just a fighter jet inspire Canopy that resulted in no window pillars. The ideas that the Aero X displayed were so far out, The angles, the stance, and proportions I mean even today it looks like a car from the future. Interesting since it was designed by Saab a company that just like Volvo were known for creating quality cars but with not much character. The canopy that lifts up and forward is definitely that one design element that grabbed lots of attention. Not only did it eliminate the need for doors, but when sitting inside allowed it’s passenger to have a complete 180 panorama view allowing fewer blind spots than traditional cars. And unlike most of the modern supercars available now it was actually much easier to get in and out of. The interior, just like the exterior was inspired by Saabs aviation roots, being driver-focused. Saab decided to eliminate conventional dials and buttons in favor of touch-sensitive controls and 3d images displayed throughout the dashboard. While the exterior and interior design is the main talking point when it comes to the Aero X, one very innovative thing about it that was and is still commonly overlooked is the fuel it ran on. The Aero X assuming it would make it into production was set to run purely on Ethanol. For those that are not aware Bio Ethanol is an alcohol fuel that is created entirely from plant matter, and as a result, produces far fewer emissions. The engine equipped would be a turbocharged V6running on ethanol-producing 650HP. Pair it with very wide tires and 0-60 would happen in 4.9 seconds. Honestly, it was pretty obvious that the Aero X would never make production for obvious reasons but you gotta admit, it looks pretty damn cool.

Jaguar C-x75

5th car on the list is the Jaguar C-x75. Revealed as a concept at the 2010 Paris Auto show this beautiful car was created to celebrate 75years of Jaguar. You guys may actually recognize this car from one of James Bond’s movie Specter. 7 of them were built for the movie, 4 of them being stunt cars. While the ones used in the movie carried supercharged V8 engines that weren’t the original plan with the concept. Instead, it was planned to come equipped with a hybrid system that can run on electric only for 30 miles and would produce 890 in total. 0-60 in under 3 seconds! 0-100in less than 6 seconds while producing less c02 than a Toyota Prius, It is hard to believe. Essentially the CX-75 could have very well joined the forces of the other hybrid hypercars, McLaren P1, Porsche 918 Spyder and Ferrari Laferrari. Honestly would have been very nice to see it compete. So what’s the reason Jaguar decided not to go forward with such an amazing. Well according to them they planned to make only 250 but didn’t think they would make an adequate return on the investment it would take to produce the CX-75. And even though the project ended Jaguar continues to use the innovation from the car on future regular models such as aerodynamics, carbon fiber composites, and hybrid technology. Luckily those that have deep enough pockets and looking to buy one, with enough searching you may be able to find one of the stunt model ones that was used in the James Bond movie. Apparently one popped up for sale in England not too long ago, and while it isn’t road legal it would still be pretty cool to own one.

Cadillac Ciel

6th and final concept car is the Cadillac Ciel. Ciel which is French for sky is such a perfect name for this luxury cruiser here. This was easily a throwback to Cadillac’s in the older days and sort looks like a modern version of the Cadillac Eldorado. And just like the Jaguar CX-75 the Ciel was featured in a film, the Entourage. Appearance-wise the one thing that is really hard not to notice is how low it sits and it’s tremendous length. The wheelbase is 125 inches long making the overall measurement from front to the rear 12 inches longer than the Cadillac CTS and1 inch longer than a Cadillac Escalade. And best believe the Ciel utilizes every inch of that room, with 4 massive coach-style doors, including the rear ones with rear hinges,22inch wheels and a large convertible top. Oh yeah, did I mention that the Ciel is a convertible sedan? The interior is just as unique as the outside. All 4 passengers get bucket seats, and probably the quirkiest feature of the Ciel is the blankets within the headrests for passengers that get cold. If the Ciel were ever produced it would come equipped with a hybrid system, featuring lithium-ion batteries together with a twin turbochargedV6 engine that produces 425HP and 430lb-ft. Cadillac said that to produce a vehicle such as this one they would have to charge consumers over 100K and they probably wouldn't be successful enough to cover the company’s investment. Funny because after the Ciel was unveiled in 2011 interest kind of just went away but then in 2017 it started to surface again leaving many scratching their heads.


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