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Top 10 Best Trucks Under 10K

Welcome to Best Car Guy. In this blog, we have listed  Best Truck Cars Under 10K .  So you wanna buy yourself a truck. But not just any truck, you want a good truck and you've got $10,000 in your budget. What do you buy? I mean, it's not an easy decision to make, I'm gonna be honest. There are tons of different trucks out there and their names are pretty confusing, so that doesn't even make it any easier. But I promise by the end of this article, you'll be able to find yourself a truck of your own that fits all your needs. We've got everything from crawlers to haulers, Off-roaders to heavy loaders, even a drift truck. Here is The List - Lexus GX 470 The Lexus GX 470 is a luxury version of the Toyota Land Cruiser. Legendary truck, legendary. In other words, this thing got the off-road tech from the Cruiser, but all the luxury features you'd expect from Lexus. And most importantly, she's got a 4.7 liter V8 putting out 235 HRSPRS, and 320-pound fe